Here's how we can help

Following our assessment and recommendations for a care plan, we will be available to help implement the next steps and monitor the effectiveness and make modifications as needed.

Every situation is unique. Some older adults have supportive family members available to implement the plan and may only need some guidance in getting started. In these situations we remain available to provide support and reassess the situation and support the family/caregiver as needed. For others, support may not be available, or family may live at a distance. In these situations we are available to provide as much support as needed. We can coordinate medical care, accompany elders to doctor’s appointments, visit on a regular schedule to monitor the care plan and oversee care in the home while communicating updates to family as needed.

We may be called upon to assist with a discharge plan from a hospital or rehab stay. We can assess the elder in any setting as well as their home environment, advocate for a safe discharge plan and be available to assist during and after the transition to minimize the possibility of readmission.

We can also assist with a transition to another level of care such as an assisted living community, carefully researching all options and advocating for an appropriate service plan. We can also help with the logistics of a move and downsizing into an apartment.


client Testimonials

Who would have known that 10 years ago while commuting to work on the train to Boston, I would have met Kerry Davis, who became a dear friend and who is one of the most compassionate, caring and knowledgeable people I know.  After learning at that time she was a Geriatric Care Manager at MGH and getting to know her, I thought if I were elderly or had an elderly relative that needed care management, I would want it to be Kerry.

Over the past 6 years, I was solely responsible for my grandmother who was getting close to 100 years old and living by herself and would not leave her house to go to a facility. Fortunately, I had Kerry who gave me daily advice and resources on where to get help and how to handle my grandmother. Honestly, I am not sure how Kerry could stand listening to me each and every day asking questions and seeking advice, but as always she could not be kinder, even telling me to call her any time. She advised me up until my grandmother finally had to enter a nursing home and continued to help up until she passed away.  I am truly grateful that I had Kerry’s help these past years, and I am not sure what I would have done without her.  As Kerry is now starting her own business, Grace Life Care, I can honestly say that anyone who becomes a client of Kerry’s is very lucky to have her manage their care. 


Laurie Murphy

Plymouth MA



I enthusiastically recommend Kerry Davis to care for any elder in your family. Her dedication to her work and expertise in managing an overwhelming situation impacted our whole family. She helped us all to come together to better understand the challenges our uncle was dealing with as he was living alone on Cape Cod, with Alzheimer’s disease.

With no family living nearby, we did not know how to get the help he needed. Kerry assured us she would assess the situation from a professional view and provided us with her recommendations. She kept in close contact with our family, brought him to his medical appointments including securing an appointment with a Neurologist to evaluate his cognitive impairment. Soon, we had the information we needed and Kerry assisted us in hiring caregivers to support him at home. This was not an easy task, as our uncle did not readily accept the help he needed. Kerry handled this with finesse and was able to gently convince him to stop driving and accept the help of his caregivers, while giving me advice on how to support him as well. He grew to depend on these caregivers as part of the family.

As my uncle’s disease progressed and he no longer recognized his home environment, Kerry helped us to move him to a memory unit at an Assisted Living community closer to family. She felt this was in his best interest and helped me to coordinate everything involved with that move. I am very grateful that he lived closer to me during that last year of his life as I was able to visit more often and reconnect with a man I had fond memories of.

Kerry shared her expertise in end of life care and she taught us what to expect as his disease progressed and supported us through decisions to make through the whole process. I don’t know how this situation would have turned out if Kerry had not come into our lives to guide us through this challenge. She taught us how to embrace it and she was readily available to assist us along the way. I am very happy to hear she is continuing her work to help other families.


T. White

Boston MA